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I've had my mullet for over a year now, and people seem to love it or hate it. To support Macmillan I will be cutting off 18 months worth of mullet and donating the hair.

Status Updates

£40.00 from Iain Elliott

Gift Aid +£10.00

Well done Riley for doing this - drastic hair changes are scary, and for such a great cause ! :)

£103.50 from Marilyn Bell

Gift Aid +£25.88

£20.00 from David Barber

Gift Aid +£5.00

£20.00 from Paula Axten

Gift Aid +£5.00

I love your mullet - it will be sad to see it go xxx

£20.00 from Sue Axten

Gift Aid +£5.00


Gift Aid +£1.30

What a star you are !

£10.35 from Mal Croucher

Gift Aid +£2.59

"It's for a good cause. It's a shame though, he's got good hair" - Mal

£10.00 from Poppy Crocombe

Gift Aid +£2.50

£10.00 from Hannah Carbis

£207.00 from Paul Bell

Gift Aid +£51.75

At last the mullet is going 😊
Well done son, proud of you doing it for such a good cause too. Dad x

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