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I'm entrusting Pritchard from Dirty Sanchez to give me a special haircut of his/your choice for Macmillan’s Mullet Mayhem on Wednesday 15th May!

Classic 1980’s perm? The Rod Stewart? The Hulk Hogan? In purple?

The more that’s donated the worse this haircut inevitably will get, which is stupid but it's too late. Please donate to a great cause and suggest a mullet and/or a colour.

We're all affected by cancer. Any money you're kind enough to donate will go towards the people who are living and battling with it daily.

I sacrificed my hair before for the sake of a game. If sacrificing it again could help make even a slight difference for some people in need... then lets go to Wales for a haircut 👍


Status Updates

£5.00 from Shannon Price


£20.00 from Tola Adesoji

Happy birthday brother xo

£15.52 from Micky CARROLL

Gift Aid +£3.88

Great stuff we'll done mate

£40.00 from Running Horse

Gift Aid +£10.00

Jess, Ed, Kev & Steve

£10.35 from Debbie Cole

Gift Aid +£2.59

Well done ×××

£20.70 from Sarah

Thank you 💚

£20.00 from Lewis Levy

Get those luscious locks tae f*ck ya schlaaaaaag

Cheers man! They are long gone...

£10.00 from Percayyy

Gift Aid +£2.50
Thanks bro 💚

£20.70 from Dan Jones

Gift Aid +£5.18

Haircut can’t be much worse then what it’s been last few years anyway 🤷‍♂️

Haha cheers mate!

£10.00 from Joe Baker

Cheers bruddah
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