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My Mum sadly passed away at the early age of 52 last year due to Stage 4 Lung Cancer which she’d been fighting for 5 years prior to that. She was the loveliest and most kind person I have and ever will meet and I hope I can help make people in a similar situation to my Mum have an easier time while dealing with cancer. Just sharing my profile will help.

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£20.70 from Maximus

Here’s 20 Jontsworth 🔥

£17.76 from dylan leewestwood

gowan lad

Status Update

Cut last Saturday, definitely got some room to grow but it’s a start. Hoping to keep growing it throughout the summer.

£20.70 from Jo Whittington

Gift Aid +£5.18

Such a brilliant thing to do Jonti in memory of your amazing mum. Nai was someone so special who had an impact on so many people and lives on in our hearts. Would love to see a final pic of the mullet. 💜

£50.00 from Anita (Metzi!), Andrew, Tania & co!

Well done Jonti! Your darling mum will be smiling with pride and giggling her giggle !
Look forward to seeing these pictures!!
Lots of love from us all xxxxx

£56.92 from Cara Berthot-Craig

Your beautiful Mama would be so proud of you Jonti 💚💗

£5.00 from Denys Tsyplakov

Jonti, you're great guy❤️ Big well done for what you're are doing

£20.00 from Heidi Moeller

What an epic thing to do! Can’t wait for the pictures!!!
In true Nai style you are thinking of others xxxx

£50.00 from Hayley Meadows

Well done Jonti! Can't wait to see the photos...

£20.00 from Linda Chapman

Proud of you Jonti.

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