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To support the cause/Macmillan

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Avatar Name Raised
Matthew McKinlay
Team Leader
Sam Geddes £220.35
Jack Green £148.50
Jake Wray £147.45
William Dobson £100.53
Charlie Frost £41.40

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Status Updates

£10.35 from Nicola Smith

Gift Aid +£2.59

£15.52 from Matthew McKinlay

Up the Barbs 🖤💛

£20.70 from Christopher White

Gift Aid +£5.18

£5.18 from Michael Duddles

Gift Aid +£1.30

£5.18 from W Leatt

Gift Aid +£1.30

Up the Barbs

£5.18 from Darius

£5.00 from Charlie Frost

£10.00 from Jessica Dobson

Gift Aid +£2.50

Please get rid of the mullet after the challenge 🙏

£5.00 from Kieran Storey

Gift Aid +£1.25

Great work lads x

£20.00 from Anonymous

From Dad x

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