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To support the cause/Macmillan

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Karl Cyganik
Team Leader
Jasmine Bowring £0.00

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Status Updates

£350.00 from Jacquie Groundsure

Well done Karl, you have resurrected an old trend and all for such a worthy charity. We look forward to see many more mullets.

£10.35 from Josh Hemsley

Gift Aid +£2.59

£10.35 from Matt Newton

Gift Aid +£2.59
I said nice one bruva!

£10.01 from Simon George

Gift Aid +£2.50
Cheers mate!

£10.00 from Viktoria Efstratiou

Go Karl!

£15.00 from Nicola Weaver

Gift Aid +£3.75

A great cause, well done Karl and looking forward to seeing the end results!

£10.00 from Aaron Moyle

Gift Aid +£2.50


£5.00 from Dani Bouman

Gift Aid +£1.25

Suits you, keep it! If it's still there next year I'll donate again. :p

Thanks very much Dani !

£5.00 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£1.25

£5.00 from Marek

Dont shave it after :)

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