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Me and my friend are joining the MacMillan charity event because cancer has hit close to home for us. Whether it's seeing a family member go through treatment or being there for a friend dealing with it, we understand how tough it is. MacMillan doesn't just do medical stuff; they're there to talk to and give support when things get rough. We want to do our part to remember those we've lost and help those still fighting. Plus, it feels good knowing we're making a difference for others going through the same thing.

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Aarav Sharma
Team Leader
Toby Castle £15.52

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Status Updates

£25.88 from Kunal & Family

Gift Aid +£6.47

Well done for taking part in such a great cause! Kunal, Madhavi, Dhiyan & Khaydan

£80.00 from Rita Sharma

Gift Aid +£20.00

Such a worthy charity event to partake in Aarav😇! Can't wait to see the new look 😉

£55.00 from Hiral Joshi

An amazing cause Aarav ! All the best darling ! X

£55.00 from Toby's Grandma

So pleased with you for helping others 😊

£1.00 from Theo Guerra

Get in lads 🙌

£50.00 from Clan Teacher

Gift Aid +£12.50

Good effort lads. A worthy cause!

£100.00 from Meenakshi Sharma

To my wonderful amazing grandson Aarav & your friend Toby, I am so proud of you, both, more than words can express.

£1.18 from Toby Castle

Go team!!

£100.00 from Kamesh, Pinal, Mayun & Anaya xxx

Gift Aid +£25.00

Aw amazing boys! Cannot wait to see the mullet!

£100.00 from Neeti & Sajal Sharma

Gift Aid +£25.00 proud of you boys - a very noble thing to do.

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